Return Policy

Our return policy is as stated: Love Luxury will only accept returns if the bag has a defect that was not previously mentioned in the listing. Love Luxury should be notified within 3 days of the items arrival of the defects or the return policy is void. Love Luxury takes extensive photos of the handbag before shipping. If the customer causes a defect, the return policy will be considered void. 

Try before you buy! If you wish, please book an appointment to come and see a particular bag at our VIP Suite in Knightsbridge prior to purchasing the handbag. 


At the moment, Love Luxury is only shipping out items in the United Kingdom. Love Luxury uses UK Royal Mail for all items, unless the items are over 20Kg. We ship out packages via Special Delivery; this means that the package has the max amount of insurance, the package is tracked, and the package is signed for by the customer. This is reflected in the prices of shipping at checkout. 

0Kg-2Kg: 15 GBP

2Kg-10Kg: 30 GBP

Over 10Kg: 45 GBP

Please note that any orders outside of the United Kingdom will be subjected to duties and taxes. These duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the customer to pay and resolve with the relevant authorities. For those customers who wish to purchase a handbag, but live outside the United Kingdom, please email AnnaGrace with the specific item you were interested in