Live Shopping Event


Love Luxury is proud to present Live Shopping Events via Facebook and Instagram Live. 


Next Upcoming Dates:

October 1st at 5:30pm on Facebook and Instagram Live 

Please follow Love Luxury on Facebook, Love Luxury, and Instagram, @loveluxury, to keep up to date on all things pertaining to the Live Shopping Event. 


Rules and Regulations:

To make sure that our Live Shopping Event is as fair as possible, Love Luxury has established some rules and regulations for the event.

1. Each item that is shown on the Live Shopping Event has a corresponding identification number. If you are interested in that particular item, please WhatsApp the number to 079888 88999. 

2. Once interest is expressed and you have sent a Whatsapp to the number above, Love Luxury will send you banking details. You will be allocated 10 minutes to send the payment for the item to the Love Luxury bank account. 

3. To be as fair as possible, if multiple people express interest in a particular item the first person to send a WhatsApp to Love Luxury will be given first priority of the item. Offering more money for the item, will not give you priority! 

4. While we love our overseas customers, the Live Shopping Event is for our United Kingdom customers. only! But, please feel free to join us for fun! 

5. When Love Luxury decides to have a giveaway, please comment the word "Giveaway" under the comment section of the Live video! One entry per a person and you must be over the age of 18 years old (proof of ID will be asked). 



Thank you so much for your support of Love Luxury during these Live Shopping Events! If you have any questions, please email AnnaGrace at: